Vancouver Community Baseball uses the TeamSnap app to register all players, schedule practices and games, track wins and losses and update all participants if anything changes in the schedule.

TeamSnap allows us to communicate directly with you about schedule changes and gives you directions to local fields, allows you to arrange group transport or send group messages within your teams.

To get the app (or just to access the desktop version) go to: 

To Access Team Snap

  • Your coach (or a family member already associated with the team) must send you an email invitation. Follow the link in the email to join TeamSnap.
  • Once you have joined, go to and click the green Log In button in the top right corner and enter your Email and Password.
  • Click on the appropriate VCB Team Name under My Teams.
  • You will be able to view your player's team roster along with the schedule

For more information about TeamSnap, if you are a:

Player or Parent

Team Manager