15 or Under


The 15U division is open to all players 15 (16 for female athletes) or under as of December 31 of the current baseball year.

At the 15U level, base paths are set at 80 feet and the pitching distance is 54 feet. A regulation game is 7 innings. However, a new inning cannot be started more than 2 hours 15 minutes after first pitch and games may be shortened due to weather or light conditions. Base runners are permitted to lead off, balks are called, and the dropped 3rd strike rule is in effect.

The 15U division is tiered. Players may try out for the "AA" or "AAA" teams which offer a more competitive level of play.  These teams will play similar level teams from other associations.  Players not selected to the "AA" or "AAA" teams will be selected to one of the "A" teams which offer a more recreational level of play.


  • Base paths are set at 80 feet
  • Pitchers throw from 54 feet
  • Lead offs and stealing are allowed
  • Games are 7 innings
  • Balk balls are called on pitchers
  • Running to 1B on a dropped 3rd strike is allowed.