This button opens a Google sheet with every event booked on VCB fields through August 31, 2024.  We are working on getting this into a webcal but until we do, at least now everyone can see what's booked on each field.  If you have a booking in your team calendar that you don't see here, please email to sort it out.

Note, this data will only be refreshed about once a day around 10:00 PM, so if you booked something since 10:00 the day before, just wait until the next refresh.

Chaldecott Park

Chaldecott Park has two fields, a mixed 70/80' diamond on the north and a  mixed 70/80' diamond on the south.

These fields are primarily used by 13U A and 15U A, plus the occasional 13U AA and AAA game on the north diamond.

Hillcrest Park

Hillcrest Park has two fields, a full-sized diamond to the South, and an 80' diamond to the North.

These fields are used by 15U AA, 15U AAA, 18U AA, and 18U AAA.

Killarney Park

Killarney has 1 full-sized, unfenced diamond.  It's mostly used for practice, but can host the occasional 18U AA game.  The baseball diamond is situated to the northwest of the community centre.

Nanaimo Park

Nanaimo Park has two fields, a mixed 80/90 diamond to the southeast and a 70' diamond to the north.  These fields are used for games for 13U, 15U A, 18U AA, and 25U.  It is also used for some practices.

Nanaimo Park also has a batting cage with a Jugs pitching machine.

Trafalgar Park

Trafalgar has one full-sized, unfenced diamond.  The diamond is located at the corner of Valley Drive and Oliver Crescent.  It is mainly as a practice diamond for 18U AA but also hosts games occasionally.

Due to the orientation of the diamond, the sun shines directly into the batter's box in the late spring evenings, making it difficult to play evening games at this field.

You can subscribe to any or all of these field calendars too.  Simply add the corresponding account calendar to your own calendar.

In your Calendar app go to "Other Calendars" -> "Subscribe to Calendar" and add the appropriate account for the field or fields you want to see.

Chaldecott Bantam/Peewee (North diamond):

Chaldecott Peewee (South diamond):

Hillcrest Bantam:

Hillcrest Midget:

Killarney (West diamond):

Nanaimo Bantam/Midget:

Nanaimo Peewee:


The calendar events will be updated every morning around 9:00 am.


The designated home team is responsible for field setup and takedown.  Usually this is done by two parents of players on the team, as scheduled by your team manager or coach.

  1. Remove the tarps, tires, and weights from the mound and plate area.  Store them on the outside of the fence.
  2. Rake and level the home plate area.  If necessary, add some red shale to remove depressions.
  3. Rake the mound so the area in front of the pitcher's plate and the pivot food landing area is smooth and hard-packed.
  4. If needed, use the dragger on the infield
  5. Using field paint, the batter's box template, and the guiding string, create a batter's box and put down foul lines down the 1st and 3rd base lines.  We do not create a runner's lane down the first baseline or make a catcher's box.  Place empty paint cans into the recycling bins.
  6. Put out the 1st, and 2nd, and 3rd base bags.  There are anchors the bases plug into.  On Chaldecott North, be aware that there are different anchors for U13 and U15.  U13 is a 70' basepath, U15 is 80'.
  1. Return the bases to storage, unless another game is scheduled following the current one, in which case you may leave them in their anchors.
  2. Lock up the L screens and anything else that won't fit into the sea cans.
  3. At fields with shale (dirt) infields, use the dragger on the infield to fill divets and footprints and remove bumps.  You may use the riding mower to pull the dragger at Hillcrest Park.  Do not mow the grass.
  4. Rake the 1st and 3rd base paths.  When doing this, rake from the edge of the basepath to the middle, which keeps the shale from spreading out on the grass.   This does not need to be done at Trafalgar or Chaldecott South.
  5. Rake home plate area and the pitcher's mound
  6. Replace the tarps.  Put two tires over the pitcher's plate and home plate, cover with the tarps, and add the weights to the edges of the tarps.  Fold the tarps so they are not covering any grass as this will kill the grass in hot weather.  This does not need to be done if there's another game following yours.
  7. Clean the dugouts.  Put garbage into cans.  If the cans are full, dump them into the City's container by the curb.  Sweep the dugouts with brooms.
  • When using the area around home plate at Hillcrest (North or South), place the orange batter box carpet in the container and put it over the home plate area.   This will help keep the batters boxes in good shape and will reduce the amount of field maintenance.

Garbage is usually picked up but if the garbage cans are full of garbage please take a minute to empty the refuse and put in a new garbage bag. It only takes a minute and leave Chaldecott, Trafalgar and Hillcrest in great shape. Bags are located in both metal storage bins.

Only adults are allowed to operate any kind of machinery at any of our Parks. This includes lawn mowers push or ride, edgers, etc.

If there is a weather problem and the field needs some work prior to game time please help out the home team in order to get the field in game shape.

VCB has spent many thousands of dollars improving our playing fields and bringing our equipment up to date. Improving the fields is the simple part but maintaining the fields during our busy schedule is truly a problem.  Please make sure you do your very best in keeping our fields in great shape for your game and the teams that follow.


In case of inclement weather:

  • If the weather is quite bad, the game can be postponed or cancelled by mutual agreement of the coaches ahead of time and before anyone shows up to the field.  If the visiting team is not local, this should be done at least 3 hours before the game.  For local teams, you can wait a bit longer.  If you do this, make sure there's an email trail confirming the coach or manager of the visiting team has seen the postponement message and acknowledged it.  Don't assume that sending a postponement email is enough.  If you don't receive an acknowledgement within a few minutes, follow up with a phone call.  But usually it's obvious when there's bad weather and they'll be watching for a message confirming postponement.
  • if the weather is marginal and you decide to try to play the game, then both teams and the umpires should be ready to start the game at the scheduled time.  Any time prior to the plate meeting, the home team may decide to call off the game due to weather, light, or field conditions.  If the umpires show up to the field, they will be paid for the game.
  • after the home team manager turns over his/her lineup card to the umpires at the pre-game plate meeting, the decision to suspend the game is entirely in the hands of the umpires.  Neither team has any say in the matter, but usually the umpires will confer with both teams before making a decision to suspend a game.  However, a decision to suspend or call a game ultimately rests with the umpires and neither team may argue as this is a judgement call.


If you need to reschedule a game hosted on a VCB field:

  1. Find a suitable time on a diamond appropriate for your division.  All the events (games & practices) for every Vancouver field can be viewed on our fields page, above.  If you can't find a suitable time, send an email to the Fields Manager ( and we'll figure something out.  If necessary, we can bump a practice or reschedule local games to free up a block for a double-header.  Obviously the more lead time, the better for arranging this.
  2. After you have found a couple of options, reach out to your opponent with your suggested reschedule time(s).  They should accept unless they have a really good reason why your suggested date won't work.
  3. After the reschedule date has been agreed upon:
  • let the Umpire-in-Chief know about the rescheduled date, time, and location so umpires will be assigned.
  • For travel and 13U A teams:
    • update the game in your TeamSnap team.  Be sure to use a League field for the location, not a team-specific field location.
    • Inform the BC Minor Division Director know about the updated date/time/location so the game can be reschedule on the BC Minor website.
  • For VCB 15U A and 18U AA teams, let the webmaster or your division coordinator know about the new date/time/location and we'll update the schedule on the website and in your TeamSnap team.