TeamSnap: Coaches

Once the rosters have been imported, all the players and coaches will be invited to join TeamSnap. The TeamSnap website provides the following functionality:

  • Roster with contact information Schedule for the team:
    • Teams can also add their own events and practices here so that they are on the team schedule.
  • Schedule – the game and practice schedule.
  • Availability – allows each player to mark whether they can make a game or practice.
  • Tracking – you can enter any item and track it here - only for coaches to use though all can see.
  • Assignments – people can sign up for assignments, such as scorekeeping and field prep, for games.
  • Media –upload photos and files for the team to share
  • Messages – use to send email and text communications to the team including all players, some players or just coaches.  Also, has a message board for team communication.
  • Manager – allows the team manager to set various options such as sending automatic game and event notifications and allowing assignment creation.

Through TeamSnap you can communicate with groups of people in three ways - email, text message or a message board. You also have great flexibility in what groups you communicate with.  Using the website you can either send email or text messages to groups of people. From each of the starting points - click on the Messages tab and then select either email or text as your method of communication.  At the team level, you can send messages to all players, some players and all coaches.

Enabling Text Messaging

In order to send text messages, each member must enable text messaging on their account.

  • Log on to TeamSnap and click on your team.
  • Click on the Roster tab.
  • Click Edit My Player Info in the top right corner of your information.
  • Scroll down to the section for phone numbers and enter your mobile number.
  • Make sure you click on the option to "Allow team to send me text messages at this number"
  • A dropdown will appear - please select your mobile carrier from the list.
  • Click on the Save button at the bottom.


Still stuck?  A great resource is the online help menu through TeamSnap by clicking HERE or contact the TeamSnap helpdesk directly if the issue is still unresolved.