If you are applying for funding from any organization, including the ones mentioned below, please be advised that they will mail a cheque to Vancouver Community Baseball.  Once received, we will refund the portion of your registration fee covered by the organization to you.

To avoid delays or misdirected mail, please confirm VCB's mailing address with the Registrar when you apply, so the funding organization knows where to mail the cheque.  Thanks!


KidSport™ was established by Sport BC in 1993 and is a community based sport charity. Since its inception in British Columbia, KidSport™ has grown to include national and provincial/territorial chapters operating across Canada. There are now more than 180 local community chapters that have raised in excess of $5 million dollars and provided a season of sport to more than 45,000 Canadian children in 65 different sports.

KidSport Vancouver was formed in 2009 and is one of approximately 40 chapters in B.C. We are a community chapter of KidSport BC, which is part of Sport BC, the provincial federation for sport. Due to the sheer size of the population of Vancouver and the diversity of the community, KidSport Vancouver is one of the highest demand chapters in Canada.

Please click/tap on the image to the right to be taken to KidSport Vancouver's website, where you may apply for funding assistance.

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