Registration Form Details

This page contains extra information about the questions on the registation forms.

There are two registrations, one for the 25U division and another for the 13U/15U/18U (minor) divisons.

The main difference is that the Minor divisions assume a parent/guardian is registering a minor child while the 25U form assumes an adult is registering as an individual and doesn't have a parent or guardian who needs to agree to the waivers on behalf of the athlete.

The first section asks for information about the athlete.  Name, birthdate, address, email address, phone number.

The email address is very important, as this will be the primary contact point for most communications from the league, so it needs to be an account that's monitored regularly.  This will usually be the parents' email address.

The second group of question asks for information about the player's parent or guardian.  During registration, only one guardian can be added, but more can be added to the child's profile after registration is complete.  Again, the email address provided is very important as it will be the primary means of communication from the Association to the player.


We ask about other activities to avoid drafting a team that has an excessive number of players who may have regular conflicts with baseball during the season, which can make it challenging to field a team.  We know that some players may play other sports (spring hockey, soccer, basketball) or have a part-time job which will interfere with baseball.  If this situation applies to you, please tell us as it will improve the chances of making balanced and fairly-drafted teams.


The question about what positions you played in previous years will help coaches draft balanced teams, so each team has 3-4 pitchers, 2-3 catchers, as well as a mix of infielders and outfielders.  The intent is to try to ensure that the talent level is spread as evenly as possible across all the house teams.  If you regularly played a position but do not want to play that position again this year, just leave it off the selection.  On a house league team, you should expect to play a variety of positions in each game over the course of the season.  No one should expect to play only 1 or 2 positions for the entire year.


If you want to play on a house team, simply select the age-appropriate division.  Your age is how old you will be as of Dec 31, 2024.

For male players:

  • if you were born in 2011 or 2012, select the 13U division.
  • if you were born in 2009 or 2010, select the 15U division.
  • if you were born in 2006-2008, select the 18U division.

If you are female, BC Minor Baseball rules permit you to play one extra year in the lower division, so some female players may choose to play in a lower division.  If you're not sure what to do, please contact the Registrar and we'll figure out what makes the most sense.

For players born in 2005, you may play as an overage player in the 18U AA division, subject to some restrictions.  These can be viewed in the BC Minor rulebook,

Players born in 2005 may also play in the 25U division, where there will be no special rules based on your age.  You will need to exit out of this registration and choose the 25U option instead.

If you want to try out for a travel team, select the highest-level of travel team you want to play on (e.g. 15U AAA).  If you only want to try out for a AA team, that's perfectly fine, just select 13U AA or 15U AA instead of AAA.  Note, at the 18U level, we'll have 1 AAA team.  'AA' at the 18U level is house, there is no 'A' level for 18U.

Note that additional fees will apply to players selected for travel teams.  The amounts for each team are listed on the Registration page of the website.

As of December 30 2023, tryout schedules are available for 13U AAA, 15U AAA, and 18U AAA.  13U AA and 15U AA tryout schedules are still pending.  We will post the the dates & times on the website and advise all registered participants via email when they become available.


For female athletes who are 16 or under as of Dec 31, 2024, we are offering the option for girls to play on all girls teams at VCB if they wish.

We aim to offer baseball programming specific to girls in a fun, positive and safe environment. We value a sense of belonging, acceptance, friendship, increasing self-esteem, building confidence and a fun atmosphere. Our program will leave your player a more talented and resilient athlete, baseball player, and better teammate.

BC Minor Baseball rules allow female athletes to play in a lower division for 1 extra year (on recreational or competitive teams).  So if you're a 14-year-old female, you may play 13U, if you're 16, you may play 15U, and if you're 19, you may play 18U.  (Age is as of Dec. 31, 2024).  If these situations apply to you, sign up for the older division, then let the Registrar know by email you want to play in the younger age group and you will be moved manually to the younger division.


VCB is run by a volunteer board and all house team coaches are volunteers.  If you have the time and interest, we strongly encourage you to consider volunteering as a coach or assistant coach.  We're almost always short of coaches at every level.  We will provide some training before the season starts and ongoing support as needed for inexperienced coaches.

All coaches and assistant coaches (as well as anyone else working directly with athletes) have two additional requirements:

  • submit a Criminal Record Check, including a vulnerable sector search
  • We would like all coaches (including house team coaches) to obtain NCCP Baseball coaching certification.  This is mandatory for travel and summer team coaches.

In addition to coaches, the league has a number of open volunteer roles you might consider filling.  Refer to our Volunteers Page for details.


We put kids in sports. They put themselves in the game.

A4K works diligently and thoughtfully to provide financially disadvantaged youth in our community with greater access to organized sport, in conjunction with their academic endeavours. Your donation helps us change lives!  Thank you.

You can visit the Athletics for Kids website here.

If you wish to donate a different amount from what is listed here, please make the donation using Athletics for Kids secure online portal.  Donations made through the A4K website are also eligible for a tax receipt.